Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Clean Your Computer Screen

New technology allows me to clean your computer screen right through the internet!

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DVD Fair Use Wizard

Windows only:
Grab a free copy -Normally-$20.

DVD ripper FairUse Wizard 2, which converts DVDs to video files playable by a slew of devices. Back up your DVDs to your computer or watch 'em on your iPhone/iPod touch, AppleTV, Zune, Xbox 360, PS3 or TiVo with FairUse, which automatically rips and compresses the DVD using the DiVX, XViD, or H.264 codecs. FairUse can detect multiple television episodes on a DVD, too.

FairUse is a limited-time free download for Windows XP and Vista, and the FAQ says it works fine in Linux under Wine.

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March Madness

Introducing: Our Joost LIVE Test withNCAA® March Madness®
This year, you can catch the action, drama and excitement of NCAA® March Madness® – from the upsets to the Cinderella teams, from the Sweet 16 to the Final Four – on Joost as we test our live P2P streaming service.
As a part of the Joost LIVE Test, every NCAA® Division I Men's Basketball Championship game will be available on Joost, anywhere in the world, for free.
You can watch the games in full-screen – or, if you're trying to work at the same time, minimize Joost so you won't miss a single basket, turnover, or fast break.
Open up the Channel Chat in the My Joost area to chat with people from around the world who are watching the games at the same time.
Download Joost today to get started, and sign-up for email alerts to get a daily game schedule with links for every game emailed to you.
WARNING:This is a test of our live P2P streaming service. It's a pretty complex technology, and we fully expect things to go wrong. The stream may stutter, slow, or stop altogether. If your stream does stop, we recommend restarting the channel - that usually works. Otherwise, you might have to re-start Joost. We apologize for any inconveniences, but your participation will help us build a stable live service!
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LAST CHANCE FOR VIP PASSES Due to record demand, additional VIP passes have been released. This is your absolute last chance to get a free VIP pass. Sign up before it's too late and avoid the lines on game day.
NCAA March Madness® on Demand allows you to watch LIVE game broadcasts of CBS Sports television coverage of the NCAA Championship on your computer for FREE!
This year, for the first time ever, you'll be able to watch every game* of the NCAA Championship live online for free. All 63 games, from the First Round through the Final Four including the Championship Game, will be available with NCAA March Madness on Demand — so you'll never have to miss a single shot.

Did you hear about Sweetbay?

"A security breach at the Hannaford east coast supermarket chain has lead to the exposure of some 4.2 million credit cards. The company said it was aware of at least 1,800 cases of fraud directly connected to the breach. If you shopped at Hannaford's from Dec. 7 to March 10., when the breach is thought to have occurred, now is a great time to close your current credit and debit cards and get new ones.

From AP
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A security breach at an East Coast supermarket chain exposed 4.2 million credit and debit card numbers and led to 1,800 cases of fraud, the Hannaford Bros. grocery chain announced Monday.
Hannaford said credit and debit card numbers were stolen during the card authorization process and about 4.2 million unique account numbers were exposed.
The breach affected all of its 165 stores in the Northeast, 106 Sweetbay stores in Florida and a smaller number of independent groceries that sell Hannaford products.
The company is aware of about 1,800 cases of fraud reported so far relating to the breach.
Ronald Hodge, president and CEO of the Maine-based company, said it has "taken aggressive steps to augment our network security capabilities" since unusual credit card activity came to light on Feb. 27.
The Massachusetts Bankers Association said Monday that about one-third of its 200 member banks have been contacted by Visa and MasterCard, alerting them that some of the credit and debit cards the banks issued could be at risk.
The bankers association said the breach reportedly occurred from Dec. 7 to March 10.

If you are wondering how this happens, you should check out this video!