Monday, February 11, 2008

Telling Time - Flash Clock

Doing a search on promethean i came across a clock in a flipchart

In this flipchart students will have the chance to practice telling time using clocks. Students can draw time onto clocks in the flipchart. There is also a flash clock where students can manipulate the hands to set the clock to different times.

Submitted by: Karen Adams
Grade Level: 3-5
Subject Areas:
Addition - Subtraction

I hope this will be helpful for you....
Here is a video capture I did of the clock showing you how it works.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Have you seen this one?

Just wanted to share....

Create your own Google Theme using igThemer

In a previous post we talked about using google themes...
Want to create your own? Check out igThemer. igThemer is a tool to automagically make iGoogle themes....
1) Use the form to configure
2) Hit 'Create'

check it out at....


Edit pdf documents with PDF Hammer

In a previous post we talked about converting .pdf to .doc to be able to do some editing. You can use pdfhammer to do some limited pdf editing without the need to convert. PDFHammer reorders, deletes, and combines PDFs. This is all done in your browser without anything to install. After you're done with editing your document you can download it to your desktop.

It works great and is very fast.